A THIMUN Affiliated Conference

15th - 17th March 2024

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Join us for our 16th Annual MUN Conference

15th - 17th March 2024

Watch 2023 Video

Welcome to HabsMUN 2024

Hello, and welcome to HabsMUN 2024!

We cannot wait to welcome you to the Haberdashers’ Elstree Schools' 16th Annual Model United Nations Conference! We are proud to be one of the biggest secondary-school level MUN Conferences in the UK, attracting 500+ delegates every year. HabsMUN is a THIMUN-affiliated student-led, organised and run conference for delegates from around the world, and we are all about bringing people together to find a global solution.

For the first time, HabsMUN will be operating as a joint conference - with joint leadership and taking place across both the boys’ and girls’ schools. The idea that everyone should have a voice is what HabsMUN is fundamentally about. Not only will this act in the spirit of equity, but it will enable a plethora of new opportunities, from increased capacity and better facilities and spaces to make creative use of. We look forward to launching this exciting new development!
Just a stone’s throw away from London, the heart of the UK’s diversity, culture and diplomacy, HabsMUN offers young people a chance to develop their collaboration, communication, and negotiation skills like no other. Anything is possible at HabsMUN. We have delegates from a wide range of experience levels, from beginners to experienced, suiting the needs of all.

The future is today. With state-of-the-art IT systems and a highly trained team of students and staff, HabsMUN is one of the most realistic and enjoyable simulations of the United Nations available. Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world, it has never been more important for young people to engage with the issues that will define our lives and beyond. From COVID-19 to the War in Ukraine to Climate Change, HabsMUN has always been a platform for students to debate, develop creative solutions and, most importantly, think big.

We are so excited to welcome you to our school on 15-17 March 2024. For enquiries, contact us at [email protected] or 020 8266 1700, and for general information, follow our instagram page and visit the Boys' and Girls' School websites. Let’s find a solution for a better tomorrow!

Aparna, Manav, Yonal, Tanya, Elsie, Aryan
Secretaries-General & Team, HabsMUN 2024

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