Register for HABSMUN

Applications are open for HABSMUN 2022! See below on how to register.

If you have any queries or require assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]!

  • Sign up to MUN Manager

    Click here to sign up to MUN Manager

    If your school has recently attended another conference using this software (eg. SAIMUN, MUN Bilbao) you can log in instead.

  • Add a Conference

    Press the green Attend Conference button

  • Select the Registration Form

    Find HABSMUN and click register

  • Fill in the Registration Form

    Fill out the registration form for the conference and submit


    * Important Note: This registration is not final and the conference organisers reserve the right to decline your registration.

    * We welcome delegates of every level at HABSMUN. For a more constructive and enjoyable weekend, we have assigned the Health and SOCHUM 1 committees for relative beginners, with Special Commission for the more experienced. Apart from the Security Council which is reserved for the most advanced delegates, all other committees can accomodate every level.

  • Use MUN Manager to complete your application!

    Click on the HABSMUN 2022 button on the side menu to open the conference dashboard


    You can use MUN Manager to:

    • Input Advisor Details
    • Input Delegate Details
    • Apply for Guest Chairs
    • Request Countries/Committees
    • Upload position papers/resolutions

    Thank you for registering for HABSMUN 2022! We look forward to hosting you this March!